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We are a team of professionals

We use the mutual synergy and cooperation of specialists from more branches so that the final perception from the sale for a purchaser can be as much impressive and so that all the business can course extremely clearly and in a professional way.

Each individual element of a property sale we take seriously and do nothing in a half-way.

None of us is able to know everything, but together we work really in an excellent way.

Martin Cozl

Photographer and designer

Designer, professional photographer and cameraman. Managing Director of Czech Retail Support Ltd.

Ing. Josef Antoš

Web programmer

Professional website programmer.


Ing. Tereza Pecáková

Mortgage broker

Experienced mortgage broker.

Radek Talapka

Camera and editing

Author of many promotional and advertising videoclips across sectors.

Ing. Petra Žižková

Administrative support

Administrative, sales and marketing support of all projects.

Mgr. Jan Zajíček


Experienced lawyer specializing in real estate law.

Petra Kotálová


Accounting and tax advisor with years of experience.

Eva Benešová

Soudní znalkyně

External cooperation – creation expert opinions of properties.